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Professional Trading for Smart Investors

Empirical Trading Investment Office operates a multi-strategy allocation platform that combines prime liquidity, tight pricing, and the latest​ trading technologies to execute trades with an extra-low latency direct to investor accounts with one of the largest and most regulated financial derivatives companies worldwide.

The primary objective is to profit from rising and falling markets with long or short positions in global stock market indices, currencies, energy, metals, and commodities.

The trading operation integrates global macro fundamentals, a deep understanding of market behavior, price action, pattern recognition, seasonality, and institutional-grade sentiment and macro indicators, in the implementation of high-conviction asymmetrical trades and long-term directional views. 

We maintain significant strategic cash reserves and at times of high-conviction and the risk/reward asymmetry is distinctly compelling, capital is deployed to scale into trading positions, and in situations where relevant, to trade in-and-out of positions in order to maximize returns. We manage a diverse portfolio of trading positions and have a flexible trading approach, combining long-term focus with an ability to adapt to a changing environment and respond quickly to more fleeting opportunities when they arise.

Trading decisions are based on an evidence-based approach using hedge fund grade probability, seasonality, and statistical analysis. Probability is the measure of the likelihood of an event occurring. Seasonality refers to the presence of patterns that repeat over a fixed period of time, such as daily, weekly, or yearly cycles. Statistical analysis is the process of collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data to uncover patterns and relationships.

Investors have full transparency with daily and monthly financial statement reporting, and liquidity not typically associated with investing in commingled fund structures. 

Starting an account does not have to come with a significant investment or lock in period. Accounts are in the investors individual name or company name and only the investor can make withdrawals. Performance fees are negotiable and depend on account size. 

Multi-strategy investor accounts are capable of generating high double-digit annual returns. 


34 Years Trading Experience  

The Empirical Trading Investment Office is a private investment office owned by Robert Nash, a professional trader with a deep understanding of market behavior from 34 years of trading in global stock market indices, currencies, energy, metals, and commodities.

In 1990, Robert began trad
ing his own accounts and became the largest private trader on the Australian Sydney Futures Exchange. In 2002, he moved to Singapore and traded his own accounts on global futures and options markets. In 2010, he founded proprietary trading firm One Global FX. In 2013, he founded Empirical Fund Managers, a licensed fund management company for the management of the Empirical Premium Fund. 

Robert has lived in South-East Asia since 2002, in Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, and Thailand.

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