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Imagine a money generating machine.

Empirical Trading has a thirty year history of trading. We see distributed ledger technology offering autonomy and transparency that enables entirely new financial products to be created. We believe that investment funds of the future will be entirely operated using the power of blockchain technology. 


Become a stakeholder in a high frequency trading liquidity engine.


We are offering the opportunity to become stakeholders and members of a new high frequency trading liquidity pool based on distributed ledger technology, that will operate an institutional grade high frequency trading program, and provide market making and liquidity to cryptocurrency exchanges.

The high frequency trading and market making program generates profits independent of market direction with a fully automated market-neutral strategy by capturing the spread across multiple cryptocurrencies. Trade orders are managed by high-speed algorithms opening and closing positions that capitalize on the benefits of automation and speed. 


Thousands of small profitable transactions every day.


High frequency trading algorithms are designed to be able to act upon small movements in prices, the sort of movement that would make a few dollars at a small scale, but can deliver large returns with thousands of small but profitable transactions per day. 

Little by little, a little becomes a lot.


Distributed ledger technology and smart contracts will allocate funds to the cryptocurrency liquidity pool, and distribute an 80% trading profit share to members private wallets. 


Members have complete liquidity and can allocate or withdraw at any time. Conservative projected annualized return on investment is 60-80%. Greater potential exists.


Our vision is creating a future where people don't have to work and machines pay humans.


Empirical is supported by a team of quant developers with experience in implementing algorithmic trading programs for investment banks, proprietary trading firms, brokerage firms, and hedge funds.

Allocate or withdraw at anytime.