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Long-Term Bear Market Forecast posted Friday, July 3, 2020. Global stock markets are going to decline for years.

The market has a relationship between time and the mass psychology of the market, as the evolution of mass emotions from pessimism to optimism and back again tends to follow a similar path each time around, producing similar circumstances as corresponding times in the past.

I made my first public forecast that global stock markets are heading into a long-term bear market which I posted on LinkedIn on Friday, July 3, 2020‚Äč, as I believe the long-term time cycles, market crowd psychology and negative trend in social mood, combined with a strong movement towards localized economies will mean millions of people are going to lose their life savings and their livelihood in the coming years.

July 2020 is the time cycle alignment of the century, when major market time cycles align offering the absolute most important time to start using time cycle forecasting methods to forecast major changes of trend and start a long-term trading campaign and trade time cycle pivots both on the long and short side of the equity markets, currencies, and gold, as markets flow back and forth in the overall trend direction.

I am not interested in all the problems of starting and operating a new hedge fund, so I am offering a simple solution where investors no matter how large or small their investment capital can allocate trading capital and receive the exact same trades that I make each month, in equity markets, multiple currencies, and gold, from their own independent investor account with a regulated broker.
My name is Robert Nash, I have traded for a living for 30 years, trading futures, options, and currencies, and previously founded and managed a licensed hedge fund management company, a currency hedge fund, and an options trading and dynamic hedging operation. I have researched time cycles and market crowd psychology, and have learnt from experience and observation that repeatable patterns in time and price action behaviors have predictive power to make real-time buy and sell decisions, that has enabled me to live a financially independent lifestyle of travelling the world and living in four countries for over 20 years.