Powering up cryptocurrencies and digital assets. 



Digitization is changing the way investing is accessed, delivered, and experienced.


We are offering the opportunity to be stakeholders in the development of a new cryptocurrency stablecoin that will be listed on multiple exchanges and used for liquidity provision and trade settlement. The way Empirical works is brilliant in its simplicity. The cryptocurrency will appreciate in value from profits generated through high frequency trading, market making and arbitrage algorithms connected to multiple exchanges.


Take investment in the cryptocurrency market to the next level.


The institutional grade high frequency trading program generates profits with market making and arbitrage strategies by capturing the spread across multiple cryptocurrencies, digital assets and digital derivatives. Trade orders are managed by high-speed algorithms opening and closing positions that capitalize on the benefits of automation and speed. 


Thousands of small profitable transactions every day. 


High frequency trading algorithms are designed to be able to act upon small movements in prices, the sort of movement that would make a few dollars at a small scale, but can deliver large returns with thousands of small but profitable transactions per day. 


Become a stakeholder.


​We foresee many of the current exchanges eventually switching to a stablecoin settlement design. Using stablecoins as collateral substantially decreases margin requirements and trading costs. We expect to have Empirical trading on all of the major exchanges, opening up the system for wide-scale use.