EMPIRICAL is a private investment office running a principal trading operation for over 30 years in directional and non-directional strategies in derivatives on stock market indexes, currencies, precious metals, oil, and digital assets, and is developing a fully automated high-frequency trading operation.

The principal trading operation focuses on a data-driven approach across all time-frames and is scaling up its development and use of algorithms that utilize probability modelling, trend observations, sentiment analysis, pattern recognition, momentum, order flow, and auction market theory, with automated execution of clear entry signals with automated profit targets and stop losses.


Algorithms are used to automatically analyze thousands of events and react by opening and closing positions with automation and speed, with little directional market risk. 


The algorithmic trading operation uses an active fully systematic market-neutral investment approach targeted at generating returns independent of market conditions utilizing high-frequency trading algorithms with direct market access with multiple exchanges.


High-frequency trading algorithms are designed to act upon small movements in prices, the sort of movement that would make a few dollars at a small scale, but can deliver large returns with thousands of small but profitable transactions per day. ​


EMPIRICAL offers long-term investors the opportunity to earn a high annual fixed-interest by offering Private Investment Notes that capitalize on the power of compounding. 

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EMPIRICAL is the private investment office of Robert Nash, a professional trader with over 30 years history of trading. Robert began trading his own accounts in 1990, and was the largest trader in futures and options on the Australian Share Price Index and 10 Year Government Bonds, and was one of the first traders to use Market Profile Software. Robert is regarded as an authority on market behavior and the auction market process.


In 2002, he moved to Singapore and traded his own multi-million dollar delta-neutral dynamic hedging accounts on global futures and options markets. In 2007, he started the High-Net-Worth Investors Group. In 2010, he founded One Global FX and allocated his own capital across a portfolio of algorithmic trading systems in the currency markets. In 2013, he founded Empirical Fund Managers, a licensed fund management company for the management of the hedge fund Empirical Premium Fund.


Robert holds institutional grade professional investor accounts with multiple brokerages and exchanges and trades derivatives on global stock market indexes, currencies, precious metals, oil, and digital assets, and allocates capital to arbitrage and high-frequency algorithmic trading programs. He has lived in South East Asia since 2002, living in Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, and the Philippines, and now lives in Phuket.


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