We are a high-frequency trading algorithms operation.

We are an incubator of a high-frequency trading algorithms operation that runs scalping, momentum, mean reversion, and micro-trend trading algorithms, on stock market indices, major currencies, gold, oil, and cryptocurrencies.

High-frequency trading strategies can be executed around the clock. Algorithms open and close positions with automation and speed, with automated execution of entry signals, profit targets and stop losses, and act upon small movements in prices, the sort of movement that would make a few dollars at a small scale, but can deliver large returns with hundreds of small profitable transactions per day. The typical holding period of trades is less than 10 minutes.

We have the trading technology that enables us to distribute trades directly to multiple accounts. High-frequency trading strategies eliminate the need for capital lock-ups.

We are open to investment and collaboration.

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EMPIRICAL is run by Robert Nash, a professional trader with over 30 years history of trading in directional and non-directional strategies in derivatives on stock market indexes, currencies, precious metals, and oil.
In 1990, Robert began trading his own accounts and became the largest trader in futures and options on the Australian Share Price Index and 10 Year Government Bonds, and was one of the first traders to use Market Profile Software. In 2002, he moved to Singapore and traded his own delta-neutral dynamic hedging accounts on global futures and options markets. In 2010, he founded proprietary trading firm One Global FX and allocated his own capital across a portfolio of algorithmic trading systems. In 2013, he founded Empirical Fund Managers, a licensed fund management company for the management of the Empirical Premium Fund.
Robert is regarded as an authority on market behavior and the auction market process. He has lived in South East Asia since 2002, living in Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, and Thailand.



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